How to start a Blog with Best Blogging Niches

If you’re thinking to start a blogging then choose your niche first. Your Niche will help you to create a quality and engaging content to make money. I will try to explain in simple words that how to start a blog with a best blogging niche that will lead you to make a good money from your blog.

How to start a Blog with Best Blogging Niches
How to start a Blog

What is a Blog?

“A blog is a website that’s updated regularly with latest content & those written articles are called “blog posts” and these posts appear on blog in reverse chronological order.

When blogs were started, they were mostly a personal diaries, people were writing about their topics of interests. Hopefully, you’re still seeing such blogs today, but now a large number of bloggers are writing on a specific niches to target relevant audience.

How to Make a Blog?

If you’re going to start your blog then you need three keys things:

You need a domain name, the address of your blog. Second thing is Web hosting (online storage for your site) and a CMS a content managing system like Blogger or WordPress to create and update blog without any coding. 

You can get a domain name in $15-20 for a year and web hosting costs from $7.95 per year.

This is not a big investment for beginners and you can learn a lot for future.

Many companies are offering web hosting and domain name on very cheap prices, these international companies are reliable and have hundreds of thousand users around the globe. For example Bluehost offers free domain and hosting on very reasonable price, you can get started your blog for %2.75 per month.

Choose your hosting wisely because web hosting play a vital role in ranking and indexing. There are plenty of choices are available for domain registration and web hosting, some reputed companies offers free domain names. Do little research and get the best one for your blog. is one of the best, millions of users are using it for their blogs successfully. Very easy to use with thousands of themes and add-ons. The best thing you can monetize your blog to earn.

Keep it in your mind before starting a blog that it’s can’t make you rich overnight but ultimately you’ll start generating a revenue.

You may make money by different methods and the best one is to monetize your blog. Personal or smaller blogs can make a reasonable income from blog and top blogs are making in sex to seven digits.

Responsive Blogger Templates 2023

How to make money from blog?

You may make money to blog by monetization, this is very common method used by bloggers around the world. Bloggers runs ads of different publisher networks and most popular one is Google Adsense.

You can use sponsored ads methods for blogging to earn, create sponsored content and earn from an advertiser.

You can earn to Affiliate marketing by using link of specific product or service that offer commission, when visitor click on specific link and purchase specified product or service, you will get your commission.

Nowadays, thousands of bloggers are running affiliate blogs and earn from it.  

You can also earn a revenue from blogging by selling digital products (Ebooks, online courses, apps, software, music etc).

If you’re a writer or photographer, you can earn from your blog by offering your services. Designer, coach or tutor may also use this method to make money online.

You know like digital ones you can sell your physical products on your blog to make a good money. Not a difficult, if you’re using WordPress, use ecommerce theme and start selling your products around the world.

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Choose Blog Niche wisely

If you don’t choose a good niche for your blog then you’ll face lot of worrisome in creating a good content that engage the audience. Many blogs give up after couple of weeks and some surrender it after two to three months. If you don’t choose blogging niche according to your interest you will lose motivation and interest in creating engaging content. Niche will keep you stick to the topic and help you to create unique and deep content.

You don’t need not be an expert about your blog niche but you must have interest in topic that you’re writing about. You can write engaging content without having loads of research.

Think before choosing the blog niche; “can you easily make money from your niche?”.

Do you write on loads on different topics? Might be your niche will not get enough traffic to make much money. Some niche are easy to monetize and some are very hard. So Blog Niche is the powerhouse of your blog. Choose it wisely after do a little bit research. Best thing is to choose blog niche that have high cost per click (CPC) it will lead you to make a good money.

Don’t go too broad, don’t choose niche according to the search volume. Find a sub-niche and write engaging content that thrust audience to return on back.

Top Blogging Niches That Will Make Money

If you have not picked a blog niche yet then you need to look down. All given blog niches are great ones, pick as per your interest, it will help you to create a quality content. 

These are very popular niches to start a blog and you will get handsome traffic on your blog, eventually good to earn from blog.

1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness has very high search volume, millions of searches every month. A perfect niche for blog, you will get good traffic if you write about Health and fitness related topics.

One of the most popular blog niche, tons of bloggers are writing about Health and fitness and you will get a healthy competition while blogging on this niche.

You know what you can low the scale bit down and choose sub-niche of Health and fitness and write unique content.

There are lots of different keywords that can be used for blogging:

Diet Plan

Workout Routine

You may target a specific gender audience by writing about “Women or Men Health”

You can share your experience about your health and workout routine.

Dive deep into Health and fitness topic and get more sub-niche.

2. Personal Finance

Money is very important for survival in this world, no one can live without it. We all are want to earn more, but many of us don’t know how to spend less or save more. So, if you choose Personal Finance niche for your blog you will get huge audience across the globe. You can pick a sub-niche of Personal Finance.

Frugality: Money Saving Tips

Investing: Market Tips

Debt: Mortgages, Student loans…

Budgeting: Software, Cost-Cutting Tips…

Writing about how to get out of debt, you may write about your personal experience.

3. Fashion

Fashion is one of the most searched topic on internet. A blog niche that is famous around the world with very high search volume. “Fashion” is not only a popular niche but easy to share on social platforms and attracting visitor for blog.

This niche will not only help you to write a good and engaging content but also is a good money maker keyword.

You can use sub-niche of Fashion topic:

You can write about men’s fashion as well as write about women’s fashion.

Fashion Shows

Summer or winter collection

Kids Fashion

You can write about different products of Fashion industry as well.

4. Lifestyle

“Lifestyle” might be a new thing for you, let me explain.

Lifestyle means writing a blog on range of various topics that are inter-connected through having the same audience

For an example, you have Lifestyle blog niche and you’re writing about food, workout, and health. The connection is that you’re writing for people who are foodie but love workout to live healthy life.  

You might have a Lifestyle blog niche and write about women who love music, travelling and latest fashion.

Lifestyle Niche is about the mix of few topics that are connected through having a same audience. Make sure your blog has clear cut direction.

5. Business and Marketing

Hundreds of blogs are covering business and marketing related topics. Some blogs cover online marketing and some bloggers are writing about online business, however you will find tons of blogs related to business and marketing topics.

I recommend this niche only if you have business or marketing related background.

Business and marketing is huge niche you can find more sub-niches of this keyword:

B2B (business-to-business) marketing

B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing


Small businesses ideas

Digital marketing  

6. Technology and Gaming

You can make a good money from Technology and Gaming niche, Technology and Gaming is fast-paced niche and you can earn a lot form affiliate blogging or direct form big sites like Amazon.

A blog with Technology and Gaming niche can earn from monetization or from affiliate marketing. Ultimately you will get paid for you blog if you write a good and engaging content on Technology and Gaming.

You can write about sub-niches of Technology and Gaming:

You can write on gadgets, mobile phones, camera,


Cover software and make tutorials

Cover latest news on Technology and Gaming

If you dive into Technology and Gaming nice you will find more related topics to cover and can get good blog traffic.

7. Travel

Start a travel blog

Travel blog is one of the most popular blog niche, there are tons of bloggers are covering this niche. Definitely you’ve seen a lot of travel blogs, if you’re a reader and love travelling.

This is most interesting blog niche, if you cover it you will get huge traffic and make a good money from this niche.

You can share your own travelling stories on blog and make a money through monetization your blog. You can also use affiliate links to hotels and other products to make money from your travel blog.

You can share travel photos or videos on your blog with interesting stories, so, how you can make your blog interesting for visitors. 

These are some sub-niches of travel blog:

You can write on specific countries, city, place or restaurant.

You can cover a travel blog by writing on family travelling, solo female travelers.

Travel deals: for flights, hotels

More Popular Blogging Niches

These are not only popular niches, here are few more popular and money maker blogging niches.

I recommend you to not push yourself, choose blog niche wisely according to your interest. If you choose niche as per your interest you will create unique and engaging content that will help you to get traffic and let you to make a good money. These blogging niches are money makers.

Crafts Blog

If you have any interest in knit, paint, sew and designing jewelry or in any other craft then think to write blog on this niche. Very easy to share on Pinterest to attract audience, there are tons of popular crafty blogs that make good money.

You can cover this niche with fashion, lifestyle or travel blog. If you include great photography, you blog could be more popular and easy to monetize by using affiliate links of any crafting tools. Think about it if you have crafting background or have interest in it.

DIY Blog

You can find tons of DIY blogs, DIY is one of the most interesting blogging niche. Have you ever decorate or remodel your home? If yes, then you have some knowledge and experience, you may share it on your blog, if you choose DIY blog niche.

You will love this niche, if you have interest in writing tutorials and “how to” related articles.

Parenting Blog

Tons of bloggers are covering this niche, Parenting Blogging is interesting topic. Do you have kids? If yes, then you can write and relate to this blog niche. You can write on parenting niche easily, cover different angles of various topics like other bloggers. Parenting niche has very high search volume, you may get excellent traffic on your blog.

Educational Blog

Education is a great blog niche, you can cover different educational topics. If you are good in something, write and share to teach others about.

For example, if you have wildlife photography knowledge, write about it with the help of tutorials for online audience.  How you will get not only good traffic on your blog, ultimately you will earn good money out of it.

If you are a web developer, you can share professional tips and tutorials for beginners. Educational blogs always get very high traffic and earn people’s trust. Write quality and engaging content to earn.

Food Blog

Food is a basic necessity of the life, everyone loves food. Normally, food blogs get huge popularity, is a great niche. You can cover recipes, share photos or cooking videos (tutorials), so how you can create an engaging content for food lovers.

You will get great advertisement and affiliate links for your food blog. Your recipes could be a great content to be monetized.

Final words on Best Blogging Niches

If you have made a mind to start a blog so don’t waste time in overthinking, just pick niche wisely and start your blog.

If you start blog today, after 06-12 months your blog will be a good money maker.

Choose niche that interests you and create unique and engaging content. Create a content that could be monetized easily.

Second, choose domain name that related to your niche.

Finally, get a reliable web hosting and start your journey. That’s all, how you can start a blog.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you to get required information about “best blogging niches”. You can give us your feedback by comments. 

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